Radio Matters & Facts

  • Radio is the top reach medium 93% of adults 18+ listen to radio each week.


  •  93% of U.S. listen to radio, which is higher than TV viewership (89%), PC use (50%), smartphone use (83%), and tablet use (37%)


  • When advertisers want to cast a wide net with their message, radio should be an essential part of the media mix. [1]


  • Radio ads are more trusted than online ads. Digital Media does not have the same personal connection among consumers. [2]


  • Every year, the radio audience in America continues to grow. Radio caters to its loyal listeners and they keep coming back year after year. [3]


  • Who’s Listening? Over 93% of Americans age 12 and up listen to radio each week, creating an audience of over 235 million listeners. Among 12- to 17-year-olds, who are perceived as not listening to the radio, nearly 90 percent listen weekly.


  • Radio offers massive reach, diverse audiences, point-of-purchase advantages and impressive return on investment.


  • Discover radio’s powerful reach and unique connection to consumers in the communities where they live, shop and buy.


  • Even though competitors portray radio as an aging technology, radio advertising remains a most effective medium to reaching consumers even in today’s fragmented media landscape.


  • The massive reach of radio has always been a natural calling card to bring advertisers to the platform.


  • Increase revenue, improve efficiencies and create new avenues for monetization.


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2. Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report (Sept 2015) North American responses only-online survey

3. Source: Nielsen RADAR 120, 124, 128, & 132 Mon-Sun Mid-Mid, Weekly Cume Audience, Persons 12+